At the age of 18, Kostas Mylonas, holding an underwater fishing gun for the first time, discovers his love and passion for the sea.

In 1988, eight years later, KM DIVE was founded, introducing the first “loader system for the belt” to the market.

In 1990, they patented the shaft extractor, which could be adapted to the gun. Immediately after, they developed the company’s plastic reel with the best specifications for use in the spearfishing industry. The belt made of natural rubber flooded all markets due to its durability and uniqueness.

Thirty-six years later, it remains a family business run by Greek manufacturers.

Continuing the legacy, John Mylonas and Georgina Mylona bring their own ideas to the table.

KM DIVE has built a complete range of products in freediving and spearfishing.

For us, the creation of new products never stops, as there will always be new market needs.

The products manufactured by KM DIVE include:

Products with your own logo.

As manufacturers with years of experience in the spearfishing industry, we have the knowledge, technology, and appropriate equipment to produce products with your own logo.